Information About OHS Training Course Summer Sem. 2019/2020

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FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions


I’m a freshman student. Do I have to take the course?

OHS training courses are obligatory for all freshman students with the exception of those who have already completed an OHS online training course in the course of their studies at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

We define freshman students to be persons recruited in the current academic year to study at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (first-degree higher education studies, second-degree higher education studies, students changing their university, students resuming their studies etc.)

What does an OHS training course consist of?

OHS online training courses are provided on an e-learning platform basis. The course is divided into three modules: Occupational Health and Safety, Fire protection and First Aid. Each module entails a corresponding module test available on a training session date specific for your faculty.

What is the training session date for my?

You have 22 days to complete your OHS training course. The training session for you is scheduled for.

February 27 and March 19, 2020

You need to complete training course materials and take the module tests to successfully complete the training course within this time period.

What conditions do I have to fulfil to complete the training course?

You must study the training course materials and receive the minimum score of 70% in each of the module tests to successfully complete this training course.

Module tests are available for 22 days within the scheduled time period for your.

How to launch the training course?

Follow the procedure below:

Log in to university e-learning platform ePortal using the same username and password that you use for your account in Jednolitym Systemie Obsługi Studentów (JSOS).
Go to the course

You will receive all necessary information on the platform that will help you choose the correct course.

After completing the course you NEED to create your certificate in the system and keep it or print it out. The certificate will be registered in the JSOS system.

What do I do if I come across problems while using ePortal?

Wroclaw University ePortal is run and managed by the E-learning department. Describe your problems in detail and send them to (attach print screens, if possible). When writing, always use your student’s e-mail account at, which guarantees that your query will be received and processed correctly.

What do I do if I can’t use the online training platform?

If you can’t use the online training platform, please contact your faculty’s Dean’s Office within 7 days from the beginning of the semester.

What do I do if I fail to complete my OHS training course between January 03 and January 15?

If you don’t complete your course in the time period set for your, you will be given another opportunity in April 16 - May 07.